are an integral role in how we aim to identify with others around us. Through workshops we can better connect with our community, teach others to learn how to communicate creatively, and bring people together in a space that promotes and encourages self love, curiosity, and creative exploration in a community setting.

Our workshops can vary in time and size but the focus is always on doing what you feel is best. We take care of the small details that bring the project to life but ultimately you are the creator, the one who decides how it turns out...and through that process you learn so much about your own self. We also strongly encourage that you interact with the attendees around you. As much as this is an individual project that each attendee takes on alone, the experience is enjoyed tenfold when you can learn along with others, sharing your ideas as they unfold and leaning in to help another when you perhaps understand something better or faster than others. We are all truly better when we work together.

As always we are open to suggestions, love constructive feedback, and openly accept potential future workshop proposals so if you have ideas, we have an open mind and the time to discuss!