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I mean, you might as well start somewhere

why not with honesty..



Can we talk for one second about creative fatigue?

Or how draining it is to constantly scroll through your feed on social media and see perfectly lit studios staged to perfection with a caption that reads something like "freelance life, amirite?!" Or how sometimes your most creative work was made during a time of great emotional turmoil and now you've come out the other side feeling more yourself than ever, aside from the fact that you can't bring yourself to finish one damn piece? Or how about the good ol' comparison game, "my work will never look like that so why do I even try?" or the ever-so-cruel "imposter syndrome"? 

What happens when you just need to feel genuinely connected in an increasingly isolating world? 

A lot of these questions have bounced around in my own head for a while now, assuming I was alone in these frustrations. It was foolish of me to ever think that I alone would be the only one to feel this way creatively and it is the realization that myself and so many others share these anxieties that has brought this event to life.

The goal of this event is to bring people together under the umbrella of creativity. Whether you're a working artist, an executive with a hobby, a writer, a kind soul...this event is for you. We will facilitate gatherings that bring people together in an effort to shed the facade of unapproachability that we assume of those outside of our own comfortable social circles.

Best of all, this event is no one's to claim as their own. Want to run your own event? Let's chat! Have an idea for a workshop that could benefit others as it has you? Let's make it happen.

I, Ashley Burk of Steady Hand Creative will work to facilitate these events on behalf of YOU. Where can your creative community serve you better? How would you like to see these gatherings benefit your needs? Help mold this to be exactly what you need and we will be there every step of the way to make it happen.

It's strange and I'm working every day to figure out what this is but today, I will call it a community based support event for creatives and I look forward to meeting you!

Ashley Burk, Founder