Sorry I couldn't Come to the Phone, I was Crying in the Shower


Mental Health and the Creative Spirit-

At it's most basic, a healthy menta state is what gest us though the day. But for a creative's brain, a healthy mental state can mean the best of worst for your ability to produce meaningful work. Whether your greatest pieces are derived from a bleeding heart or a clear mind, striking the perfect balance is a struggle that one should not have to tackle alone.

Join us on April 7th at Rebel Supply Co. where Christina Aksamidova of Doodlecat will talk more about her own journey to find balance and share tools that have helped her! We encourage participants to feel safe in sharing their own journey during this event but it is not obligatory in order to take part.

This event is FREE to all who would like to join in, but we ask that you RSVP here.

I literally apologize for the delayed response

I'm happy and proud to say that our first event was a success! In those days prior to it's launch a real fear set in within me. What had started as an idea to help others had become a burden in my mind. I feared unfulfilling expectations that I had created in my own mind, I feared a small turnout, which, in hindsight wouldn't have been a terrible idea! And lastly I feared that those who did come would find no purpose, no real meaning to the gathering and never return.

If that isn't a snapshot of the anxious creative brain-I don't know what is! So many times I've navigated these exact feelings while creating and each time finished with a renewed love for my craft and this event was no different.

I received incredible feedback during and after this event-some of which I'd like to share toward the end of this post but the overarching response I received, the encouragement that keeps this boat afloat, is that this IS in fact meaningful to more than just me. It serves a purpose greater than just one person's needs and as long as that is this case, I will continue.

With that being said, we have begun working out the details for the next event! We are working together with Christina Aksamidova of Doodle Cat, a local signage and chalk artist to discuss mental health awareness amongst the creative community. More details to come! We hope you'll join us!